Security and Risk

Security and Risk

High level security and risk assessments for home and business.

We are the neighbor, the friend, the relative, and the guy in the office that everyone calls when their computer is acting up. As much as we might like to say “No I will not fix your computer”, our conscience and compassion for the frustration that you are feeling step in.

We are also the corporate employee that gets called in when there is a breach, indications of malware, or if a products integrity is in question.

We have been flown all over the world to do business and security risk assessments during corporate acquisitions and mergers. We have worked with local and federal law enforcement agencies all over the globe to protect children and utilize technology to apprehend cyber criminals.

Additionally, we possess more than 10 years of online advertising risk, malware, phishing, and Big Data analysis across Search, Display, Contextual, Mobile, and Publisher.

We offer the same level of assessments to you, your family, and your company.

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